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How to apply

Application form

Equality and Diversity Questionnaire


How to apply

Your completed Application Form and Equality & Diversity Questionnaire should be returned to us by the closing date indicated. 

Applications can be emailed to You will normally receive confirmation that your message has reached us.

Applications can also be posted and should be sent to: HR, JNCC, Monkstone House, City Road, Peterborough, PE1 1JY. We will acknowledge receipt of your form if you send a stamped, self-addressed, postcard with it.  Please ensure that the correct postage is applied and that it will arrive before the closing date.


Reasonable adjustments

If a person with disabilities is put at a substantial disadvantage compared to a non-disabled person, we have a duty to make reasonable changes to our processes. If you need a change to be made so that you can make your application, you should contact or call 01733 562626 as soon as possible before the closing date to discuss your needs. 

Complete the 'Reasonable adjustment' section in the application form to tell us what changes or help you might need further on in the recruitment process. For instance, you may need wheelchair access at interview or, if you’re deaf, a Language Service Professional. Please give as much detail as possible so that suitable arrangements can be put into place.



Candidates who appear from the information supplied to have the most suitable qualifications and experience will be invited to interview.

You will normally have at least one week's notice of the interview date.  Interviews are normally held at our office in Peterborough, but posts based at our offices in Aberdeen may be interviewed there. 

The interview is usually conducted by a panel consisting of two to three members of staff and typically lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the post being recruited. You will be advised when invited to interview whether you will be required to take a test, make a presentation or in some other way prepare for the interview.  We do not normally ask a candidate to attend a second interview for the same post.

If you do not hear from us within three weeks of the closing date we regret that you have not been invited to interview.  You are welcome to check with us if you are concerned that you may have been selected and the invitation to interview has been lost.  We make every effort to contact candidates who do not respond to our invitation to interview within a reasonable time, but if we cannot contact you, the opportunity may be offered to another candidate.

Disabled applicants should indicate if they wish to apply for the Guaranteed Interview Scheme by ticking the box in the Guaranteed Interview Section on the application form. In order to be considered under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme, applicants will need to declare that they have a disability. 



Selection for appointment to the Civil Service is on merit, on the basis of fair and open competition, as outlined in the Civil Service Commission’s Recruitment Principles.

In accordance with the Civil Service Commissioners’ Recruitment Principles, our recruitment and selection processes are underpinned by the requirement of appointment on the basis of merit by fair and open competition. If you feel your application has not been treated in accordance with the Recruitment Principles and you wish to make a complaint, you should contact in the first instance.


Guidance on completing the application form

Writing competency examples

A competency is a term that describes the range of knowledge, skills, behaviour, attitude and abilities an individual brings to a specific area of a job, such as team working.

For each competency listed in the post details, you will need to provide evidence of your skills, knowledge and abilities.  You can give examples from your past or current employment, interests, voluntary work or life experiences.  Be succinct, but make sure you cover the key points.  Your evidence will be discussed in more detail if you are invited to an interview.

For specialist and technical skills, detail here how you meet the specialist and technical competencies required.

The core competencies in the post details have been selected from the 10 possible competencies in the generic civil service competency framework, as the most relevant to the role.  A short statement should be provided for each.

We have provided some examples below to illustrate the process:

Example One – Applying for a Level Two (O grade) role

Core Competency as described in the post details

Managing a Quality Service – Level 2 (O)

  • Ensure that levels of service are maintained – flag up risks or concerns in order to meet customer requirements – Essential
  • Keep internal teams, customers and delivery partners fully informed of plans and possibilities – Essential
  • Identify common problems or weaknesses in policy or procedures that affect service and escalate these – Desirable

Possible response:

As the customer service lead for a large operational office with 2,000 customers, I improved customer satisfaction levels and reduced levels of complaints.

I publicised existing service standards and customer requirements via existing channels e.g. posters and face to face interviews. I ran customer focus groups, listened to views and explained what was and was not possible. I fed back the outcomes to internal teams and agreed actions with them to make service improvements e.g. the need to communicate waiting times clearly to customers.

I reviewed the complaints received so far and identified common themes e.g. customers felt ignored at times. I asked for customer and staff views on how to address this and agreed behaviours were identified including saying hello and good morning to customers waiting.

I amended and relaunched the office customer service standards as a result of this work. This included a new evaluation process which raised awareness of customer satisfaction targets and measured success. I achieved a 20% increase in customer satisfaction targets and a 15% reduction in the number of complaints.

Example Two – Applying for a Level Three (H or S) role

Core Competency as described in the post details

Building Capability – level 3 (H or S)

  • Identify and address team or individual capability requirements and gaps to deliver current and future work
  • Identify and develop all talented team members to support succession planning, devoting time to coach, mentor and develop others
  • Continually seek and act on feedback to evaluate and improve their own and team’s performance 

Possible response:

I commissioned a Skills Gap Analysis exercise and these results and the staff survey results influenced priority areas for improvement. A key one is performance management. I have led the HR Business Partner team to devise implementation plans for workshops to raise the skills and knowledge of line managers and to support these full sessions with bite size awareness sessions. In addition I have devised simple reference flow charts showing learning and guidance and engaged intranet colleagues to publicise and publish material.

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