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Paul Robinson – Ecosystems Analysis Team

Paul Robinson - Ecosystem Analysis Team

When did you start at JNCC? October 2004.

What is your role in JNCC?  My current job title is Senior Natural Capital Evidence Specialist, which is a bit of a mouthful. The role is all about developing new methods and combining data in new ways in order to monitor our natural capital.

Have you had any other roles at JNCC? Oh yes… Project Officer for the UKSeaMap project, Data Custodian, Terrestrial Monitoring Specialist, Earth Observation Applications Manager.

What do you like the most about working at JNCC? JNCC gives me the opportunity to work in the conservation sector, working closely with partners across all of the UK and feel like my work can actually make a difference to how we manage the landscape and our biodiversity. On a more practical level, JNCC also provides a very flexible working environment, which helps enormously when trying to manage the logistics of family and working life. There is a pretty good bunch of people to work with too, who share my values when it comes to nature conservation.

What’s been your greatest achievement at JNCC? There have been a number of achievements that I have particularly enjoyed – producing the first iteration of UKSeaMap, developing a process to produce GI data from UKHO data so that public sector bodies can access it cost effectively, developing methods for creating habitat maps from satellite data – but my current favourite is the role I have played in creating a detailed habitat map for half of Northern Ireland, particularly as we will soon have the whole country mapped.



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