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Marine Noise Register Replacement

Invitation to tender: Reference C21-0619-1597

The MNR is a custom-built database and data input online platform for industry and regulators. It collects data from the entirety of UK waters on noisy activities such as seismic surveys, some sub bottom profiling equipment, impact pile driving, explosives, acoustic deterrent devices, some multibeam echo-sounders and non-classified Ministry of Defence activity. JNCC has worked with all regulators of noisy activities and the UK devolved administrations to fulfil the commitment made in the UK Marine Strategy to monitor anthropogenic underwater impulsive noise via the registry.

The MNR, hosted and managed by JNCC, in operation since 2015 has reached its digital end of life, and now has out of date frameworks (Play), and so is proving to be very unreliable. Fixing bugs and making updates has become more and more difficult to the point where the system is now unable to deploy.

The replacement of the MNR system offers the opportunity to make improvements to data input (i.e., making it more user friendly and less error prone) as well as to data accessibility, in line with the UK government Open data policy. Currently, the database is open only to those inputting data, who can access their own data through its portal.

What to do next

Potential bidders are invited to download the following documents and complete the acceptance form of our terms and conditions attached to the invitation to tender (ITT).


  • Date for return of tender: 27th October 2021 at time 16:00hrs  
  • Proposed start date: w/c  15th November 2021
  • Proposed end date: 31st March 2022

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