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Strategy and business plan

Our strategy

JNCC has a strong record of success. For over 25 years we have provided robust evidence and trusted advice on nature conservation to enable governments in the UK to achieve their policy objectives. Our strategy enables us to maintain our success into the future by responding to the following opportunities and challenges:

  • Increasing awareness of the value of the natural environment in supporting economic growth and underpinning people’s well-being;
  • More diverse policies within the UK, enabled by further devolution;
  • The UK’s exit from the European Union;
  • Budget pressures, which are driving the public sector to reassess priorities and how they are delivered;
  • New and emerging knowledge and technologies.

Our strategy supports new policy approaches based on the concepts of natural capital and integrated management of natural resources. These concepts will shape our future work.

Our strategy is delivering:

  • High quality evidence on biodiversity and ecosystems to inform decisions affecting the environment;
  • Beneficial environmental outcomes for the UK through international leadership;
  • Cost-effective delivery of devolved environmental priorities through shared solutions and joint working;
  • Sustainable economic growth through a healthy environment in the UK’s offshore marine waters
  • Excellent customer focused delivery.

Download JNCC strategy 2017-20

Our business plan

Our business plan for 2019-20 sets out our priority outcomes and how we will deliver our ambition in three key areas:


  • Cost effective approaches to monitoring
  • Best use of citizen science
  • Mapping the natural environment
  • Indicators of change 

Evaluating options

  • Understanding the UK's global impact
  • Advice on designating protected areas
  • Managing offshore protected areas
  • Ensuring sustainable industry in the UK offshore
  • Balancing trade-offs between fishing and the environment
  • Land management for multiple outcomes   


  • Improving global co-ordination
  • Advice on implementation of global obligations
  • International reporting
  • Licensed endangered animal trade
  • Improving benefits for the environment through development aid  

Download JNCC business plan 2019-20


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