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Angola's Afromontane forests

News Item 2019

Angola's Afromontane forests

Planted saplings and afro-montane remnants, Kanjonde, Angola © Ant Maddock/JNCCJNCC's Ant Maddock recently spent a week in Angola working on a project to restore an area of Afromontane forest. The project is helping the villagers of Kanjonde, who are the only community of people living at the foot of Mount Moco, in Huambo Province, to plant Afromontane forest trees to address the decline of wood fuel, decreasing water supply and biodiversity loss. More than 1,200 trees have been planted to date, with a further 700 seedlings being nurtured in a nursery for planting next year.

The project is highlighted in the Associação Angolana Para Aves E Natureza Annual Report.

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