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Outputs of EO4cultivar Colombia case study available

News Item 2020

The outputs of the EO4cultivar project's Colombian case study, co-ordinated by JNCC in partnership with Environment Systems, are now available from the EO4cultivar Colombia case study webpage.

The EO4cultivar project commenced in 2017 and is funded by the UK Space Agency under the International Partnership Programme – full details of the project are available on the project website. The project involves a group of partners from South America and the UK, including JNCC. The aim of the project is to strengthen the resilience and sustainability of commercial agricultural supply chains between Colombia, Peru, Paraguay and the UK.

The project's outputs are designed to improve understanding of ecosystem condition and resilience, which in turn improves resilience of supply chains and the sustainability of local livelihoods. The case study has been co-designed with Colombian stakeholder organisations local to the area, but the methods applied can be adapted for use in other production systems and landscapes in other places in the world.

The key outputs of the case study include an interactive ecosystem service mapping tool, which can be used to visually display the different ecosystem services within the region; along with a series of management guides which show how the maps can be used to inform land-management decisions, a set of reports describing the methods used, and the accompanying data, available from the Resources page

To find out more about EO4cultivar and the case study in Colombia, visit JNCC's EO4cultivar webpage.  

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