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Consultation launched on Marine Mammal Observer training standards

News Item 2020

In 1995, the UK Government adopted a set of mitigation guidelines developed by JNCC to minimise disturbance to cetaceans from seismic surveys and other operations where acoustic energy is released. Since then the guidelines have been revised several times, each time considering stakeholder feedback, common issues encountered and new research into marine mammal hearing and sensitivity.

A requirement of the guidelines is that marine mammal observers must undertake a JNCC-approved training course before they can undertake a mitigation role in UK waters. Our experts provide guidance on course content and review course material before approving providers. The current guidance was last updated in 2014, so we are now undertaking a review of this guidance to ensure training courses remain fit for purpose. The consultation has been designed to enable stakeholders to provide views on different aspects relating to training, with some aspects involving multiple questions.

The survey closes on 30 October 2020.

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