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MPA Network - 2018 Report to Scottish Parliament

News Item 2018

Six years on – Scotland’s Marine Protected Areas Network
JNCC is delighted to have partnered with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and others to input into the Marine Protected Area (MPA) progress report – recording the progress towards Scotland’s commitment to its ecologically coherent MPA network.

Scottish MPA seamount communities © JNCC-Herriot Watt UniversityToday SNH presents the last six years’ progress on developing Scotland’s MPA network in a report to the Scottish Government. We have made some great achievements over this time to work towards the conservation of important features of Scotland’s seas. This has included the designation of 41 new MPAs and the extension of two sites, affording protection to a wider range of Scotland’s important cultural and historical artefacts, marine habitats, species, geology and landforms within the MPA network.

Looking to the future, any additions to the network will need to be considered alongside continuing to develop and implement effective management to ensure the network is achieving its objectives to conserve the protected features and associated services they provide to society. Working closely with stakeholders and partners has been instrumental to the work covered within the report and will continue to influence the future development of the MPA network.

MPA Network: 2018 Report to Scottish Parliament
SNH Blog: Six years on – Scotland's MPA Network

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