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New Seabird Monitoring Programme Database launched

News Item 2020

JNCC and the Seabird Monitoring Programme (SMP) partnership are pleased to announce the launch of the new SMP online database.

The SMP database

The SMP online database contains data from over 11,000 breeding seabird colonies, comprising 85,000 colony count and 18,600 breeding success records. The web-interface allows users to search and view breeding seabird data from throughout Britain and Ireland using a map browser, allows user-defined data download, and the entry of new breeding seabird records. JNCC would like to thank the organisations and volunteers who have contributed data to the SMP, and BTO who co-designed and built the database.

The SMP is an ongoing annual monitoring programme, established in 1986, of 25 species of seabird that breed regularly in Britain and Ireland. The programme is a partnership of 19 organisations and is co-ordinated by JNCC. It aims to ensure that sample data on breeding numbers and breeding success of seabirds are collected, both regionally and nationally, to enable their conservation status to be assessed.

Along with annual monitoring, the SMP is also supplemented by periodic censuses, which aim to provide counts for all sites in Britain and Ireland. Seabirds Count 2015–2020 is the fourth national census.

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