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UK Biodiversity Indicators 2021 published

News Item 2021

The latest (2021) update of the UK Biodiversity indicators has been published today (Wednesday 20 October). First published in 2007, this is the 14th update of the UK Biodiversity Indicators.

Indicators are useful tools for summarising and communicating broad trends. The UK Biodiversity Indicators are dependent on a wide variety of data, provided by government, research bodies, and the voluntary sector – in total nearly 100 organisations are involved. The presentation and assessment of the indicators is verified by the data providers, and the production and editing of the indicators is overseen by government statisticians.

The UK Biodiversity Indicators were produced to provide a measure for reporting on international goals and targets. The indicators have been published almost annually since 2007. During that time have been refined and revised to ensure they continue to be based on the most robust and reliable available date, and that they remain relevant to changes to the international goals and drivers.

The UK Biodiversity Indicators set comprises 24 indicators and 52 measures. In the 2021 update, 22 of the 42 measures assessed over the long term show an improvement, compared to 15 of the 39 measures that are assessed over the short term. Fourteen measures show a decline in the long term, and ten a decline in the short term. Measures that improved or deteriorated in the long term have not necessarily continued to improve or deteriorate respectively in the short term.

To allow for a thorough review of these indicators it is anticipated that there will be a pause in publication in 2022, with the next update due in 2023. The Indicators Project Team is keen to know the likely impact on users so please let us have your views by contacting In addition, please let us know if you have any feedback you would like us to consider as part of our review or if you would like to be contacted in order to contribute directly.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, JNCC would like to thank all colleagues who have contributed to this publication; your efforts in such difficult times are greatly appreciated.

The full set of biodiversity indicators for 2021 is available at A summary booklet is also available.

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