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UK updates its assessment of the marine environment

News Item 2019

Defra has now published an update of the state of our marine environment: Marine Strategy part one: UK updated assessment and Good Environmental Status.

Further details can be found on the new Marine Online Assessment Tool (MOAT) portal, along with the Government’s response to the recent public consultation. 

JNCC has played a key role in co-ordinating the biodiversity assessments with other organisations via the Healthy and Biological Diverse Seas Evidence Group, and leading the indicator assessments for marine birds, marine mammals, benthic habitats and Marine Protected Areas. JNCC also contributed to the assessment of underwater noise using data collected through the Marine Noise Register

The UK Marine Strategy provides the framework for delivering marine policy at the UK level and sets out how we will achieve the vision of clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas. The updated UK Marine Strategy Part 1 marks the beginning of the second implementation cycle of the UK Marine Strategy. It provides an opportunity to show the progress we have made towards our shared vision since 2012, what further action is necessary and to re-affirm our commitment to work together as the United Kingdom to protect our seas while respecting our national priorities and responsibilities.


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