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Detailed marine habitat maps

JNCC compiles seafloor habitat maps of all types and classification systems from across the UK from the shore to the deep sea. These detailed maps help to characterise sites and provide a snapshot in time to help us monitor changes in habitat extent.

A snapshot of the seas around Scotland, showing the distribution of detailed marine habitat maps that JNCC have collated.

The individual maps vary in terms of source, original purpose, classification system, scale and method of creation, among other things.

JNCC standardises these maps in the following ways so that they may be more usable by more people for more than only their original purpose:

  • Maps are translated into a standard classification scheme – EUNIS;
  • Attribute tables are standardised;
  • Metadata is created;
  • Confidence assessments are carried out.

This comprehensive collection of standardised maps is available to browse and download via the EMODnet central portal.

Data product summary


EMODnet central portal map viewer

We publish all our habitat maps classified to the EUNIS classification system via this portal.


Habitat maps are available for download using the web services, via the EMODnet central portal map viewer or using direct download links available in the metadata. 

Access web services EMODnet web services

ICES Metadata Catalogue

Each individual habitat map has its own metadata record in this catalogue, which is linked to the EMODnet central portal map viewer.

Further information How we standardise habitat maps



Marine Habitat Mapping

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