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EU LIFE Application Process

The LIFE Programme and the priorities which are targeted within each sub-programme and strand are driven by the larger overarching Multi-Annual Work Programme (MAWP), which runs in tranches over a number of years. On this page you will find information and links to the current MAWP, as well as links to guidance documents and Commission resources which are essential background knowledge prior to and during your application development and submission.

LIFE Multi-Annual Work Programme (MAWP) for 2018–2020

The current LIFE Multi-Annual Work Programme runs from 2018–2020. The document sets the framework for the management of the LIFE Programme until 2020. It contains an indicative budget, explaining the selection methodology for projects and for operating grants and establishes outcome indicators for the two LIFE sub-programmes – Environment and Climate Action. 


Before you start LIFE – the LIFE cycle

If you’re new to LIFE and would like to find out more, there are comprehensive guidance notes laid out in JNCC’s LIFE Guidance Document, which you can find on our Useful Resources webpage.

Before beginning, read the LIFE Multi-Annual Work Programme for 2018–2020. 

Check the EC LIFE Project Database. It is important that those preparing proposals establish what the Commission has funded previously before they prepare their bid. One of the ways the Evaluators determine whether an approach is innovative is by looking at this database. You also need to make appropriate links to previous projects to show how your work builds on from past projects.

We are always contactable throughout your application development. See the Contact Us information on The UK LIFE National Contact Point webpage for all our details.


Concept Note (Stage 1) and Full Proposal (Stage 2)

Deadlines for the submission of Concept Notes for 2020.

Date or Period Activity
14 / 16 July 2020 Deadline for submission of Concept Note to Commission 
6 October 2020 Shortlisted applicants invited to submit full proposal
February 2021 Deadline to submit full proposal
TBC Evaluation and revision of full proposals
July 2021 Signing of individual grant agreements
1 September 2021 Earliest possible starting date for the 2020 projects


We review concept notes throughout the year.  Please download the ‘JNCC eProposal Concept Note Template’ at the top of the Useful Resources webpage. To support completion of the Concept Note Template we have also produced a Guidance Document which can also be viewed on the Useful Resources webpage. This contains all the relative dates you need to bear in mind throughout the application cycle.

PLEASE NOTE: The ‘JNCC eProposal concept note template’ has been structured to align with the LIFE programme's concept note, as found in eProposal.  Therefore, it closely aligns to the required format for LIFE Environmental projects submitted within the Call. 

To note, LIFE Climate projects are following the one-stage application process and are NOT required to submit a concept note in the Call.

Completed concept notes should be sent to us via email to enable us to evaluate the eligibility of your proposal.




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The Transition Period following the UK’s exit from the European Union ended on 31 December 2020. However, UK organisations are eligible to bid within the 2020 LIFE Call – the deadline for applicants to submit full project proposals is February 2021. UK NGOs are also eligible for the 2020 LIFE Call for NGOs on EU’s Green Deal – submissions are due by 31 March 2021. JNCC will therefore continue to be the UK National Focal Point for EU LIFE funding until the end of March 2021.

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