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LIFE is the European Commission’s financial instrument supporting environment and nature conservation projects throughout the EU.

This page provides an overview of the LIFE Programme including some example UK and transnational projects. Follow the links on the task-bar to the right for information on JNCC's role as the National Contact Point for the UK, where we provide advice on all aspects of LIFE funding, as well as further details on the Application Process and Useful Resources.

LIFE Programme

The LIFE Programme's overarching objective is to contribute towards implementation and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation.

LIFE covers the broad width of environmental policy to include water, floods, marine and coastal management, waste and resource efficiency, soils, forests, chemicals, noise and the urban environment, air pollution, air quality, nature and biodiversity.

The LIFE programme runs 2014–2020 and is split into two sub-programmes; Environment and Climate Action, as illustrated in the schematic below.


EU – UK – Project Roles and Responsibilities


Exemplar Projects

Follow the links below to read about some successful LIFE projects within each of the strands of the Environment sub-programme for UK projects, as well as one example of a transnational project within Climate Action.

Nature and Biodiversity

  1. EcoCo LIFE Scotland – Implementation of integrated habitat networks to improve ecological coherence across the CSGN (LIFE13 BIO/UK/000428)
  2. PIP GB – Pearls in Peril (LIFE11 NAT/UK/000383)
  3. RAPID LIFE (LIFE16 NAT/UK/000582)

Environment and Resource Efficiency

  1. NaturEtrade: Creating a Marketplace for Ecosystem Services (LIFE12 ENV/UK/000473)
  2. LIFE Smart Waste (LIFE13/ENV/UK/000549)
  3. LIFE Climate-proofing Social Housing Landscapes (LIFE12 ENV/UK/001133)

Governance and Information

  1. LIFE TRiFOCAL London – Transforming City Food Habits for LIFE (LIFE15 GIE/UK/000867)

Climate Action

  1. LIFE Urban Adapt: Demonstrating urban climate adaptation and resilience in inner city Rotterdam (LIFE14 CCA/NL/000302)


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The Transition Period following the UK’s exit from the European Union ended on 31 December 2020. However, UK organisations are eligible to bid within the 2020 LIFE Call – the deadline for applicants to submit full project proposals is February 2021. UK NGOs are also eligible for the 2020 LIFE Call for NGOs on EU’s Green Deal – submissions are due by 31 March 2021. JNCC will therefore continue to be the UK National Focal Point for EU LIFE funding until the end of March 2021.

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