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MPA adaptive management outputs



  • A fully tested governance framework and participatory process to integrate stakeholders within the management review process, seeking to build awareness and consensus;
  • A model and associated guidance to predict ecological outcomes of different management scenarios, testing this with real-life examples. Recognising the limitations of such models, the project will also focus on how to overcome data limitations to achieve effective management;
  • Educational materials aimed at stakeholders designed to raise awareness of the marine environment, the fishing industry and MPAs as a conservation tool;
  • Stakeholder engagement manual aimed at regulators and stakeholders, designed to support active participation in adaptive management processes. This will include technical information on data requirements and associated thresholds; and outlining the participatory process tested by the project and lessons learned.



A number of resources have been generated throughout the project to date. These resources are available to download and will continue to be updated throughout the project.  


Workshop outputs

Workshop Document
National workshop
(15 November 2018, London)
Workshop report (862 Kb)
Presentation (2,507 Kb)
Project introduction (6,237 Kb)
Introduction to the ecological model (3,699 Kb)
North-West Regional workshop
(13 February 2019, Lancaster)
Workshop report (1,066 Kb)
Presentation (11,649 Kb)
Ecological model presentation (7,853 Kb)
Example management scenario presentation (876 Kb)
South-East Regional workshop
(27 February 2019, Norwich)
Workshop report (1,603 Kb)
Presentation (11,487 Kb)
Ecological model presentation (8,095 Kb)
Example management scenario presentation (877 Kb)
North-West Regional workshop
(23 May 2019, Lancaster)
Workshop Report (724 Kb)
Presentations (12,000 Kb)
South-East Regional workshop
(13 June 2019, Norwich)

Workshop Report (2,800 Kb)
Presentations (9,900 Kb)

National Workshop
(7 November 2019, London)

Workshop Report (1,691 Kb)


Further information

If you are interested in being involved with the project and attending any of the workshops or would like further information, please contact:

Louisa Jones, JNCC



MPA adaptive management

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