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Species Indicator Review

In 2015-16, Defra commissioned a Quality Assurance Panel to provide advice on improvements that could be considered to the species based indicators in the UK and England biodiversity indicator sets.  The membership of the Panel was:

  • Professor Ken Norris, Institute of Zoology (Panel Chair)
  • Professor Stephen Buckland, University of St Andrews
  • Professor Rhys Green, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Helen Roy, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
  • Dr Phil Stephens, University of Durham


A structured review process was used to critically examine each indicator and to produce suggestions for improvements in each.  Each structured review was led by one expert but discussed by all panel members to ensure a consistent approach.  Following these reviews, a synthesis of the general issues that emerged from the reviews within a good practice framework was prepared, with some suggestions about improvements that may be made.

The Science Panel review produced a large number of recommendations (57) which were considered by the UK Biodiversity Indicator Steering Group (BISG); focusing on those issues that potentially limit the use of the indicators by making trends unreliable or open to misinterpretation.  The consideration of the recommendations made by the Panel has led to an action plan of changes to be made as resources allow.


The report and action plan are available below.


UK Biodiversity Indicators

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