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UK Biodiversity Indicator mapping to the Aichi Targets

Mapping of the UK Biodiversity Indicators against the Aichi Biodiversity Targets was first undertaken in 2011.  The original purpose of the mapping was to assess how well the then-existing set of UK Biodiversity Indicators could be used to report against the ‘new’ Aichi Biodiversity Targets, described in the CBD’s Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011–2020

This preliminary mapping demonstrated that all of the original set of UK biodiversity indicators, created in 2007, were relevant to at least one Aichi Target (sometimes more).  In addition, gaps were identified where there were Aichi Targets with no appropriate indicators to address them.  A meeting of the Biodiversity Indicators Forum (BIF5) was held in March 2011, which discussed the generation of potential new indicators to fill these gaps. 

The new and revised UK Biodiversity Indicator set was first published in May 2012.  The indicators were grouped according to the most appropriate Strategic Goal outlined in the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (e.g. indicators prefixed with an ‘A’ are considered to be of most relevance to Strategic Goal A).  In addition, the ‘relevance’ of the indicator to the Aichi Targets is provided: indicators are defined as either ‘primary’ – suggesting they are of direct relevance to the Target; or ‘indirect’ – suggesting their relevance or importance is less direct.

As a result of the work undertaken to produce the UK’s fifth National Report to the CBD, published in 2014, which made extensive use to the UK Biodiversity Indicators, and also the development work which has been carried out on several of the indicators, the mapping was updated by JNCC in 2015.  

The following tables have been produced:


UK Biodiversity Indicators

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