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Realising the interdependence of the environment, society and the economy

The UK Government invests a considerable annual sum through overseas development aid or assistance, the aims of which are to defeat poverty, tackle instability and create prosperity in developing countries. Consideration of the benefits of the natural environment in achieving these aims is crucial, particularly in light of factors such as climate change, to ensure that development is sustainable.

We have considerable experience in demonstrating the value of the environment overseas, particularly through our work in the UK's Overseas Territories, and more recently in South America and southern Africa.  Our experts have a thorough understanding of the benefits provided by the natural environment, and have been at the forefront of making use of new data sources and applying emerging analytical techniques.

Our approach is participatory, with a high level of engagement, including with local businesses and communities, as well as senior decision-makers, to maximise understanding and effectiveness.  Through this approach, we promote capacity building and knowledge exchange, to reduce dependence on outside assistance in the longer term. 


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    Provide strategic advice: We provide advice to government departments on how aid could be best directed to ensure consideration of the natural environment and the ecosystem services it offers, particularly to improve economic security and disaster resilience.

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    Support implementation: We work with eligible countries, including the UK's Overseas Territories, businesses and other organisations, to highlight the value of the environment for economic and social development.  Our work demonstrates how benefits for people and the environment can be delivered in an integrated way.

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