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Informing land-use options

Land-use choices are made every day, at a range of scales and by a range of sectors.  How land is used and managed has a significant impact on the biodiversity it supports, and consequently on the range of benefits it provides to society. 

We have undertaken studies and developed tools that can be used to analyse the potential impacts of different land-use options.  Being able to understand the likely outcome of different land-use choices can help identify benefits and risks, and can hence ensure that informed decisions are being made and appropriate action is being taken.

Our work enables policy makers and land managers to make choices that ultimately minimise or mitigate the impacts on the environment and its natural resources.


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    Map habitats and ecosystem services: We use Earth observation data and other data sources to produce habitat maps and assess ecosystem services at a range of scales.

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    Evaluate the links between habitats and species: We have developed tools to demonstrate the links between land-use decisions and the impacts on biodiversity.  

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    Assess options: We provide evidence, regarding pressures and impacts (both man-made and natural) on habitats, biodiversity and ecosystem services, to inform land-use decisions.  

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