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Working with governments, business & society

JNCC is the public body that advises the UK Government and devolved administrations on UK-wide and international nature conservation.  As a public body, we also work with business and society.  

Nature conservation aims to maintain and enrich biodiversity and conserve geological features.  But it is about more than conserving nature for its own sake. It is also about recognising, managing and sustaining the natural resources – or natural capital – that provide many of the core services  on which society depends.  These services, often referred to as 'ecosystem services', include food, fresh water and clean air.  

Since JNCC was established in 1991, we have worked to increase awareness of the value of the natural environment – both natural capital, and the ecosystem services it provides – in supporting sustainable economic growth and underpinning people’s well-being. Our aim is to ensure that the value of the natural environment can be integrated more effectively into broader decision-making processes.

We monitor biodiversity, evaluate options and provide advice to ensure that the natural environment is protected in an effective way, for the benefit of present and future generations.  Our statutory UK and international remit, and strong culture of partnership working and innovation, means we are uniquely placed to develop shared, cost-effective solutions for our partners and stakeholders in each of the four countries of the UK and its Overseas Territories; to support the implementation and development of international nature conservation agreements; and to share our expertise with others, in the interests of both local and global sustainability.

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    In the UK, we bring together the work of the four countries where co-ordinated approaches are needed, and provide a cost-effective and integrated evidence base for use across the UK.

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    We have responsibility for nature conservation in the offshore marine environment, which begins at the edge of territorial waters and extends to the UK Continental Shelf. 

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    We support biodiversity and environmental management strategies in the UK's Overseas Territories.

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    We are the UK government's nature conservation adviser in international fora. Our international work promotes the sustainable use of the natural environment across the globe.

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