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JNCC’s UK Country Liaison officers

General Overview:

JNCC has four country liaison officers to support enhanced engagement between JNCC, the national governments and country nature conservation bodies in each of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. Their work is focused on building on the connections and collaborations between JNCC and each country whilst also finding new or enhanced opportunities where JNCC’s skills and expertise can support the countries in delivering their priorities. Current work areas include: 

  • Facilitating and supporting biodiversity related work with national governments and the CNCBs, for example developing the UK NBSAP to outline how the UK plans to implement the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).  

  • Participation in development of new sustainable land use schemes 

  • Supporting JNCC’s collaborations in a variety of marine work areas where partnership working is often necessary for appropriate conservation, management and reporting across inshore/offshore areas of our seas. 

  • Building JNCC’s relationship with the environmental governance bodies (Environmental Standards Scotland and the Office for Environmental Protection, and the Interim Environmental Protection Assessor for Wales). 

  • Maintaining an overview of new and developing environmental legislation and policy across the four countries of the UK.
  • Facilitating the alignment of JNCC’s work programme with country priorities. 

Useful links: 

Contact the Liaison officers

Northern Ireland Environment Agency:

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs:


Scottish Government:

Natural Resources Wales:

Welsh Government:

Natural England: Natural England – GOV.UK (

Defra: Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs – GOV.UK (

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