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Our Business Associates Framework

JNCC works with external independent experts through its Business Associates Framework (BAF), launched in August 2020. The Framework enables us, as an organisation, to attract and work with market-leading specialists, to assist us in providing specialist expertise to our customers. The aim of the Framework is to maximise our potential, ensure excellence in technical innovation, and to give us access to the brightest minds.

Our Business Associates Framework provides us with a wide network of trusted individuals who can take on specific tasks and activities, such as leading on technical drafting or facilitating delivery of specific project roles, thus broadening our skills and staff base without incurring additional salary costs. Our Business Associates also enable us to more efficiently manage delivery risks and to alleviate pressure points on existing staff resources, and ensure greater flexibility. All our Associates work to the same high standards than JNCC operates to.

Our selection of Associates is based on the outcome of an open competitive exercise that focussed on strategic need, the role and credibility of the individual responding, and our values and ethics. By definition, a "Business Associate" is any independent (often self-employed) person not directly employed by JNCC. There are few constraints on who can be a Business Associate of JNCC, however, our selection will be based on strategic need. In the initial stages, the Framework membership will be reviewed annually. 

By having a number of Associates we aim to improve our ability to provide better project delivery and undertake more specialist or niche activities. Our Business Associates will also constitute a community, thereby affording opportunities for a wider network of interactions and development opportunities. 

Our Business Associates Framework membership will be reviewed annually. The next recruitment of new Associates will be August 2021. 

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