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Analysis Ready Data (ARD)

Image: Pre-processed Sentinel-1 backscatter image of Edinburgh and the Firth of ForthJNCC is leading in the creation of Analysis Ready Data (ARD) products for the Sentinel-1 and -2 platforms; pre-processing data to a proposed UK standard to be adopted in academia, industry and government. The generation of ARD ensures continued UK contribution to wider international community efforts to develop standards and methods of EO data access. This contributes to the provision of tools and analytical services so analysis can be rapidly deployed in support of decision-making across the Defra network and the devolved administrations, the Scottish Remote Sensing Group and Welsh Earth Observation Group, NIEA and beyond.

Efficient exploitation of satellite imagery can be impaired through the lack of ARD. Production time for projects is reduced given the availability of Sentinel ARD from JNCC. 












Earth Observation

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