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European Reporting

As part of our work for the UK Government, JNCC co-ordinates the production of periodic reports to be submitted to the European Commission to show progress towards meeting the objectives of the Birds Directive and Habitats Directive. JNCC also represents the UK in discussions on how to improve the reporting frameworks for both Directives through the work of the Expert Group on Reporting under these two Nature Directives.

Habitats Directive Reporting

Reporting obligations under the Habitats Directive are set out in Article 17. Every six years each Member State must report on measures taken and their outcome in terms of the conservation status of species and habitats listed on the Directive’s Annexes.

By October 2019, Member States had completed four reporting rounds for the Habitats Directive, covering the periods 1994–2000, 2001–2006, 2007–2012, and 2013–2018.

The UK's Fourth Article 17 Report was submitted to the EU in August 2019.  Details of the previous reports are available in The National Archives.




Birds Directive Reporting

Reporting obligations under the Birds Directive, are set out in Article 12. Every six years each Member State must report on the implementation of the Directive.

Initially, Birds Directive Reports were required every three years.  The the UK completed nine reporting rounds under this reporting cycle, covering the period between 1983 and 2007. However, the reporting cycles of the two Nature Directives were not synchronised, making it difficult to get an overview of implementation in the broad sense. In 2011, Member States and the Commission agreed that Article 12 Report for the Birds Directive should become more similar, in terms of format and timing, to the Article 17 Report for the Habitats Directive.

The 10th Article 12 report (2008–2012) is the first following the new format and six-year reporting cycle and allows for the simultaneous analysis of the results of both Directives’ reports at both national and EU levels.

Details of the UK Birds Directive Reports that have been produced to date are available in The National Archives




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