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Marine Mammal Observer Training Course Providers

Marine mammal observers receive formal training through attendance of a JNCC approved training course. JNCC recognises MMO courses that explain the rationale and requirements of the guidelines so that upon completion, attendees know how to perform the duties of a MMO. The courses provide background information that is relevant to the understanding of the guidelines and duties of the MMO and cover a wide range of aspects including, but not restricted to: the types of activities undertaken offshore, how to interpret and provide advice on the guidelines and how to complete the standard JNCC recording forms. It is a prerequisite that all MMOs working in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) have attended a JNCC recognised course.


Course providers

The following course providers have registered with JNCC to provide marine mammal observer (MMO) training courses for observers working within the UKCS. All courses listed below comply to JNCC standards. There are a variety of courses available, from one-day classroom-based courses, to multiple-day courses with additional elements of fieldwork.  Regardless of these varying elements, all courses comply to JNCC standards and cover the required training elements. When considering the courses listed below, potential trainees should consider the experience they have to-date in relation to marine mammal fieldwork to help decide which course is most appropriate to their training needs. Examples of relevant experience that may help obtaining MMO mitigation work include research and volunteer fieldwork, and marine mammal identification courses.

COVID-19 update: During the COVID-19 outbreak, classroom-based training courses have had to be suspended. To enable training to continue during this time, a number of the providers below are offering online or remote alternatives. This is a temporary measure and will be reviewed as the outbreak progresses. All certificates issued from remote and eLearning courses during this time hold the same validity as classroom-based courses. Please contact the individual providers for further details.

Provider Phone number Booking contact Web page
Carolyn Barton +44(0)1381 610261
Intelligent Ocean
Gardline Ltd* +44(0)1493 845600
Scanning Ocean Sectors +44(0)790 5021 631
Seiche Measurements Ltd +44 (0)1837 503386
Ocean Science Consulting Limited (OSC) +44 (0)1368 865722
Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU)
Patrick Lyne +353 852641342 TBC

* Gardline Ltd are currently only undertaking internal courses.


JNCC is a statutory advisor to UK Government (and devolved administrations) and as such the MMO courses recognised by JNCC and registered on our website are only relevant to the UKCS. JNCC does not currently approve MMO course providers outside the UK. 



Marine mammals and offshore industries

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