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Marine Recorder

Marine Recorder is a benthic survey data management system used widely within the UK’s statutory nature conservation bodies to store and query benthic sample data across the UK’s offshore and inshore waters. The system is able to store species occurrence data (with associated measurements), biotope information in the Marine Habitat Classification for Britain & Ireland and physical attribute data. The system maintains consistency and relationships between sample information, measurements and surveys allowing for accessible querying of the database

Marine Recorder Data

Data extracted from a Marine Recorder database into a queryable format is known as a Marine Recorder Snapshot. This is a Microsoft Access database which does not require the Marine Recorder application to be installed. At six monthly intervals, JNCC compiles and combines all Marine Recorder Snapshots from data contributors into a single UK-wide version.

A public version of this snapshot is available to download through JNCC’s Resource Hub. The current snapshot version is "2022-01-24" and comprises 4,146 surveys, 249,815 biotope records and 3,792,967 species records. 

Contributors of data to the UK Marine Recorder Snapshot include:


Marine Recorder Application

The Marine Recorder Application is free to use and can be downloaded alongside several additional module and tools that enable the stored data to be filtered, reported, queried, disseminated and merged with other Marine Recorder datasets.

The continued development of the Marine Recorder application is funded by JNCC, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Naturescot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage).

Specific requests for data and further information should be made to the relevant body (please see the included README file in the download package). For general information about Marine Recorder or for questions about JNCC-held data, please contact


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