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Workshop outputs

Over the course of this two year project (March 2018–March 2020) on developing a participatory approach to the management of fishing activity in UK offshore MPAs, a series of four workshops were held in national and regional locations.

The workshops were each designed around collective discussion, with a focus on the regional specific options for adaptive MPA management and enabled the development of the MPA Fisheries Management Toolkit.


Table of workshop reports and presentations

Workshop Document
National workshop
(Workshop 1)

(15 November 2018, London)
Workshop report (862 Kb)
Presentation (2,507 Kb)
Project introduction (6,237 Kb)
Introduction to the ecological model (3,699 Kb)
North-West Regional workshop (Workshop 2A)
(13 February 2019, Lancaster)
Workshop report (1,066 Kb)
Presentation (11,649 Kb)
Ecological model presentation (7,853 Kb)
Example management scenario presentation (876 Kb)
South-East Regional workshop (Workshop 2B)
(27 February 2019, Norwich)
Workshop report (1,603 Kb)
Presentation (11,487 Kb)
Ecological model presentation (8,095 Kb)
Example management scenario presentation (877 Kb)
North-West Regional workshop (Workshop 3A)
(23 May 2019, Lancaster)
Workshop Report (724 Kb)
Presentations (12,000 Kb)
South-East Regional workshop (Workshop 3B)
(13 June 2019, Norwich)

Workshop Report (2,800 Kb)
Presentations (9,900 Kb)

National Workshop
(Workshop 4)

(7 November 2019, London)

Workshop Report (1,691 Kb)  Presentations  (33,400 Kb)


Further information

If you would like further information, please contact:

Louisa Jones, JNCC



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