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Publication of formal conservation advice for eight offshore MPAs

News Item 2021

Notification of the publication of formal conservation advice packages for eight offshore Marine Protected Areas.

JNCC has produced conservation advice packages for eight offshore Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) designated in Tranche three of the Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) project.

These formal packages supersede any previous conservation advice provided. Further information on the approach is available on our 'Conserving MPAs' webpage

To access one of these new conservation advice packages, please select the relevant site from the list below (grouped by region). You will be directed to the Site’s Information Centre. The conservation advice package can be viewed and readily downloaded from the 'Conservation Advice' section.


Southern North Sea Region


East Channel Region


Western Channel and Celtic Sea Region


Irish Sea Region


To access conservation advice packages for other offshore MPAs not referred to in this update, please visit our 'Offshore MPAs' webpage, and select the relevant site.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the advice, please do get in touch, and include the site name and the term 'Conservation Advice' in your enquiry.

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