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Conservation Designations for UK taxa – collation

The UK spreadsheet of conservation designations lists UK species and their designations, or 'badges'. Badges refer to species listed in international agreements, UK legislation, UK country lists, or which have a particular status (e.g. red list species, Nationally Rare or Scarce species). JNCC has collated several lists as a downloadable spreadsheet of species' designations.

These lists are not fully comprehensive. For example, the spreadsheet does not incorporate all marine species 'badges' or all Schedules in The Wildlife and Countryside Act. Local Red List assessments are not included, and for some categories only selected annexes/appendices/schedules have been added.

For red listed species there is a two-step process prior to publishing the results on the designations spreadsheet. The first is a review to approve the red list assessment by the contracting authority (once the first review is complete, the lists are published by the contracting authority). The second review is undertaken by the Red List Inter-agency Working Group to confirm accuracy and compliance. For more information on priority red lists see Table 1.

Table 1. Progress with red listing of GB species' groups (last updated December 2023).

Group Progress (updated December 2023) Added to conservation designations spreadsheet?
Aculeate Hymenoptera Review underway  
Amphipods Assessment in progress  
Beetles (Coccinellids – Ladybirds) Review underway  
Beetles (Elators – Click Beetles Priority group for red listing  
Beetles (Water Beetles) First review underway  
Birds Second review published (December 2021) Pending
Butterflies Second review published (May 2022) Pending
Diptera (Tephritid) Review underway  
Dragonflies Review underway  
Dragonflies & Damselflies Review underway  
Fish (Freshwater)  Published (September 2023)  Pending
Fish (Marine) Priority group for red listing  
Leaf Beetles Assessment in progress  
Leeches Review underway  
Lichen Assessment in progress  
Macro moths Review underway  
Micro moths Assessment in progress  
Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Smphyta) Phase 1 and 2 published, phase 3 pending Pending
Seabirds Assessment in progress  
Seaweeds Second review underway  
Slime moulds Review underway  
Vascular plants Assessment in progress  

The Conservation designations spreadsheet and guidance for its use is available on JNCC's Resource Hub

Re-use of information in the Conservation Designations Spreadsheet is subject to the terms of the Open Government Licence. If you re-use this information you must acknowledge the source of the information in your product or application by including or linking to the following attribution statement: “Contains JNCC/NE/NRW/NatureScot/NIEA data © copyright and database right 2023”.

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