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Monitoring for nature recovery and local change: more information and resources


For guidance on whether citizen science is suitable for your project, and to decide on the best broad approach: Choosing and Using Citizen Science: a guide to when and how to use citizen science to monitor biodiversity and the environment.

For a guide on how to design and implement citizen science programmes: Guide to citizen science: developing, implementing and evaluating citizen science to study biodiversity and the environment in the UK

For guidance on how to improve the quality of data collected through citizen science: Improving Wildlife Data Quality: guidance on data verification, validation and their application in biological recording.

For guidance on creating a data management plan: Data Management Planning for Citizen Science.

For help in deciding whether citizen science is the best approach for you, and for support in choosing the best methods: Pollinator Monitoring and Citizen Science: A practical guide for project organisers and participants.

To learn about the potential for volunteers to collect habitat data, and how to integrate this into existing programmes: Evaluating the potential to record habitat information for Earth observation through volunteer recording initiatives.

For a review of TEPoP’s data products using the FAIR principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability: United Kingdom Terrestrial Evidence Partnership of Partnerships data products: improving opportunities for re-use.


Existing mobile applications and websites

In addition to the recording tools that are featured in the Survey methods and tools page, there are plenty of other apps and websites where you can upload your survey data, some of which are featured below. We will be adding to the list periodically.

Single species

App/project Survey focus Partners Download
What’s Flying Tonight Moths BC, UKCEH, UKMoths Visit the website
iMammalia Mammals MammalNet Download the app free from Google Play or the Apple Store
Big Butterfly Count Butterflies and day-flying moths Natural Apptitude, BC Download the app free from Google Play or the Apple Store
iRecord Rare Arable Flowers Arable wildflowers Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, Natural England, and Plantlife, UKCEH, JNCC Download the app free from Google Play or the Apple Store
iRecord Ladybirds Ladybirds Natural Apptitude, UKCEH Download the app free from Google Play or the Apple Store

Habitats and pressures

App/project Survey focus Partners Download
Bloomin’ Algae Algal blooms UKCEH Download the app free from Google Play or the Apple Store
Dynamic Dunescapes Sand dune habitats UKCEH Download the app free from Google Play or the Apple Store


Citizen science for local change

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