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Overseas Territories – Natural Capital in the Caribbean

Reports on JNCC's Overseas Territories natural capital work in the Caribbean region (Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and the Turks & Caicos Islands) will be posted on this page as the work on the 'Natural capital in the Caribbean and South Atlantic Overseas Territories' project draws to a close. Documents will include natural capital reports for individual Territories, synthesising the results of the work programme in each OT; underpinning reports based on projects with a specific technical focus; reports on training programmes undertaken to support building capacity in the OTs, and the results of the initial consultations used to define individual OT priorities for the work programme.

Natural Capital in the Caribbean – reports

Gap Analysis of Economic Valuation Studies Completed in the Caribbean UK OTs (December 2016)

Anguilla – Natural Capital Accounting Report (May 2019)

Anguilla – Natural Capital Accounting Calculation Sheet  (May 2019)

Anguilla & The British Virgin Islands – Assess and Validate the Vulnerability Mapping of the UK OT's to Natural Hazards and the Value of Natural Capital in Mitigating Impacts (May 2018)

British Virgin Islands – An assessment of the value of natural capital in the protective service against coastal and inland flooding. BVI Flood Resilience Modelling Tool – Technical Report (September 2020)

British Virgin Islands – The role and value of natural capital and development of indicators for use in disaster preparedness in the UK's Overseas Territory of the British Virgin Islands (April 2020)

British Virgin Islands – The Role of Mangroves in Coastal Protection (January 2020)

British Virgin Islands – Investigating the Impacts of the 2017 Hurricane Season on the Shallow Marine Environment Using Multispectral Satellite Imagery (December 2019)

British Virgin Islands – An Assessment of the Value of Natural Capital in the Protective Service Against Coastal and Inland Flooding  (February 2019)

British Virgin Islands – Scope of a Natural Capital Assessment (April 2017)

Cayman Islands – Model development to assess the vulnerability of the Cayman Islands to storm surge and inland flooding and the role and value of natural capital in mitigating the impacts (August 2021)

Montserrat – A National Ecosystem Assessment. Mapping and Monitoring Methods Phase II (June 2019)

Montserrat – Fisheries, Data Collector  Code of Conduct (Draft form until incorporated into the Government's fisheries policy) (May 2018)

Montserrat – A National Ecosystem Assessment, Earth Observation Based Mapping and Interpretation (May 2018)

Montserrat – Fisheries Report, Data Collection and Integration Strategy for Underpinning Sustainable Fisheries Management (Draft form until incorporated into the Government's fisheries policy)  (February 2018)

Montserrat – Fisheries, iVMS Data  (September 2017)

Turks & Caicos – Natural Capital Accounting Calculation Sheet (June 2019)

Turks & Caicos – Natural Capital Accounting Annex (May 2019)

Turks & Caicos – Natural Capital Accounting (November 2018)


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