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Natural Capital in the South Atlantic Overseas Territories

Reports on JNCC's Overseas Territories natural capital work in the South Atlantic region (Falkland Islands, St Helena, Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha) will be posted on this page as the work draws to a close. Documents will include natural capital reports for individual Territories, synthesising the results of the work programme in each OT; underpinning reports based on projects with a specific technical focus; reports on training programmes undertaken to support building capacity in the OTs, and the results of the initial consultations used to define individual OT priorities for the work programme.

South Atlantic supplementary reports

Tristan da Cunha Soil Erosion Model (PDF, 2.4Mb) (June 2019)

Falkland Island Workshop Report (PDF, 0.6MB) (July 2017)

St Helena Scenario Workshop Report (PDF, 2.9Mb) (December 2018)

Tristan da Cunha Natural Capital Assessment Report (PDF, 1.2Mb) (May 2019)

St Helena Natural Capital Assessment Report (PDF, 1.9Mb) (May 2019)




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