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Quinquennial Review 7

The 7th QQR process (QQR 7) will start in April 2021. Those wanting to propose changes to the schedules are asked to please use the time leading up to April 2021 to prepare the data and liaise with others where necessary.

There are a number of changes to QQR 7, mainly as a result of a revision of the selection criteria. Details are provided in the Information Pack. The key points are:

  • Critically Endangered species, and European Protected Species (excluding Scotland), will be proposed for listing on to the schedules automatically (see Annex 1 in the Information Pack). There is therefore no need to propose these species through the QQR 7 process.
  • Endangered species that are not on the schedules can be proposed for listing if they meet the Decision Criteria (see Annex 2 in the Information Pack).
  • Vulnerable, Near Threatened and Least Concern species are not eligible for listing on the schedules. 
  • Species can be proposed for removal from the (existing) schedules or for their protection status to be changed.
  • For Vulnerable species listed on the existing schedules, the QQR Inter-agency Group will evaluate their conservation dependence on the protection they are afforded by the schedules.


Data collection will be undertaken between April and July 2021 and will be via an online survey

As a result of the new selection criteria, the data-gathering process has been simplified. Through the QQR 7 data-gathering process, you will be able to:

  • propose new Endangered species for inclusion on the schedules;
  • propose species for removal from the schedules;
  • propose a change in protection status of species on the schedules.

More information on the process is provided in the Information Pack.


The QQR 7 timetable

The target date for delivery of the 7th QQR to Defra and the devolved administrations is December 2021. Important dates and the phases of the review are provided in the table.

Phase Who Duration Estimated dates
Data gathering Stakeholders 3 months 8 April – 7 July 2021
Analysis Inter-agency group 3 months July – October 2021
Consultation Stakeholders 1 month October – November 2021
Sign off External peer review, Chief Scientists, Joint Committee 6 weeks November – December 2021

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