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Simple ARD Service: environmental applications

Satellite data has numerous environmental applications in fields including forestry, crop health, flood risk, coastal management, water quality, biodiversity conservation and natural capital assessment. As part of the Simple ARD Service, we are working with partners in Scotland and Northern Ireland to develop the following analytical and operational applications using ARD.


Illegal waste detection

In partnership with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and Scottish Government, we are developing and testing the use of Sentinel-1 data and products to give early warning of ground disturbance and detect illegal waste. This investigation is jointly funded by the Copernicus Framework Partnership Agreement for Copernicus User Uptake.


Crop mapping

We are supporting Scottish Government’s work to create annually updated crop maps through object-based image analysis of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 ARD.


Peatland management

Through a Copernicus User Uptake project, we are facilitating the use of Sentinel-2 data from the Simple ARD Service to monitor peatland condition, informing ground operations for management and restoration. Building on previous JNCC proof-of-concept work, this application applies regression modelling to time-series Sentinel-2 imagery to estimate the coverage of bare peat and explore how this is changing over time.


Monitoring impact of wildfires

Both Scotland and Northern Ireland have been impacted by wildfires in recent years, and this is likely to increase as summers are predicted to be hotter and drier. Another Copernicus User Uptake project is supporting use of Sentinel-2 data from the Simple ARD Service to detect wildfires, quantify their extent and monitor subsequent recovery. These methods can also be used to target and monitor 'muirburn' activities (i.e. controlled burning to manage habitat and reduce wildfire risk).

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