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Declan Tobin – Marine Species Team and Marine Management Team

Declan TobinWhen did you start at JNCC? May 2010

What is your role in JNCC? I am a Team Leader jointly leading both the Marine Species and Marine Management Teams. The work we are involved with is highly varied, spanning the provision of advice to government(s) on marine mammal conservation through to the environmental impacts of commercial fisheries.

Have you had any other roles at JNCC? I used to be a fisheries engagement officer. My role at the time was to engage with the fishing sector to seek input into ongoing UK Marine Protected Areas projects to help inform the design of the emerging network. The ambition was to maximise conservation benefit but minimise impact on the sector.

What do you like the most about working at JNCC? It’s a total cliché but what I love most about working at JNCC is the people. Working with highly motivated and interesting people, most of whom come to the organisation driven by a passion for the natural environment. All have interesting backstories.

Equally, having come from a more technical science background, I love the practical “hands-on” nature of the work we do at JNCC. During my various roles in JNCC, I have had the great fortune to meet with a range of people across a broad array of sectoral interests and I’ve learned so much as a result. I am much more acutely aware of the importance of context and perspective in achievement of optimal conservation outcomes. Getting “buy-in” is half the battle.

What’s been your greatest achievement at JNCC? My greatest achievement at JNCC has probably been the successful engagement of fisheries stakeholders across the UK and EU to help shape the UK MPA network. Giving people a voice in a process (even if it is occasionally raised : ) is an incredibly rewarding thing.

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