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Inter-agency Air Pollution Group (IAPG)

Air pollution is a significant pressure on biodiversity.  It is a transboundary issue and much of air pollution policy is driven by requirements at UK or international level. To support harmonisation and evidence sharing across the UK, an Inter-agency Air Pollution Group (IAPG) was formed, consisting of representatives from JNCC and the country nature conservation bodies (CNCBs).

The IAPG is co-ordinated by JNCC and covers a range of air pollution evidence and advice used in UK and international strategies and policies.

The UK country nature conservation bodies (CNCBs) are statutory consultees to Defra and the devolved administrations, the environment agencies and planning authorities on a range of issues related to air pollution impacts on habitat and wildlife.  The IAPG aims to ensure that this advice is based on the most up-to-date evidence and reflects best practice to protect and enhance biodiversity interests.

Inter-agency Air Pollution Bulletin

The IAPG produces a Bulletin describing the UK Country Nature Conservation Body air pollution work.

Reports and other publications will be made available from JNCC's Resource Hub (additional information is also available on the archived version of our website).


A framework for UK research and evidence needs relating to air pollution impacts on ecosystems

IAPG produced a framework for UK research and evidence needs relating to air pollution impacts on ecosystems in 2015.  The Framework is designed to be shared and to help inform the work of others with similar interests and responsibilities (e.g. government departments and devolved administrations, environment agencies, research councils, universities, and industry).  Evidence and research needs are organised into three high-level themes and linked to policy and operational drivers. The themes are:

  • ecosystem responses to changes in air pollution;
  • assessing and reporting air pollution impacts; and
  • measures and 'remedies' for air pollution.



Data and Evidence

Evidence, policies and strategies specific to air pollution effects on habitat and wildlife can be found on relevant UK devolved administration and country nature conservation body websites:



Air Pollution

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