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Marine habitat data product: EUNIS level 3 combined map

Nick-named 'the combined map', the UK full-coverage EUNIS level 3 seabed habitat map integrating fine- and broad-scale maps is one of several marine habitat data products produced by JNCC.

This composite product aims to show the current best understanding of the UK’s seafloor habitats everywhere, without any gaps. The focus is on describing the physical aspects of the seafloor habitats according to level 3 of the EUNIS habitat classification scheme (sometimes called ‘broad-scale habitats’); although more detail is included where it exists.

Its main strength is that it lets us calculate the total area of broad-scale habitats within UK waters and/or regional seas, using the best-available data. This is particularly useful for assessments of the adequacy of the UK marine protected area network.

For other purposes the product should be used with caution and understanding of its limitations caused by the variety of input maps in terms of original purpose, level of spatial and thematic detail, and method of creation – which are described in the method document.

Data product summary


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Further information

Method for updating the UK full-coverage EUNIS level 3 seabed habitat map integrating fine- and broad-scale maps


Method summary

The end product is a compilation of:

Before these individual maps could be combined into a single layer, they were each given a confidence score. We then used a rule-based approach to select a higher-quality map for each area of overlap between two maps. See the method document for a full description of the approach.

A flow diagram illustrating the step-wise approach to deciding which map to use in the case of overlap. It is fully described in the methods document.



Marine Habitat Mapping

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