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Jessica Taylor - Marine Monitoring & Evidence Team

Jessica Taylor - Marine Monitoring & Evidence TeamWhen did you start at JNCC? - I began working at JNCC in November 2017.
What is your role in JNCC? - Marine Evidence Advisor – I work on designing and implementing offshore marine surveys for JNCC. I plan surveys to Scottish, English and Welsh Marine Protected Areas collecting data on the condition of these sites to inform monitoring purposes.
Have you had any other roles at JNCC? - Offshore Evidence Marine Support Officer
What do you like the most about working at JNCC? - JNCC is a very friendly and inclusive workplace, everyone is open to others' perspectives and willing to discuss different ideas. Being around like-minded people also means that we do a lot of activities outside of work together too.
What’s been your greatest achievement at JNCC? - Getting mentioned on the BBC news for the work we were doing in the Scottish waters last year. We ended up with four articles in the BBC about the collaborative work we do with Marine Scotland Science and the cool animals we get to see.

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