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Contact points and enquiries

Coronavirus update (23 March 2020)

Please note that, due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, both JNCC offices (Aberdeen and Peterborough) are now closed, and all staff are working remotely. 

Whilst we are taking this action, we are available for business as usual, with staff contactable by telephone and email. Where possible we ask that documents are emailed to us rather than posted. We will respond to enquiries as promptly as possible. However, there may be some delays due to the current constraints and we ask for your understanding and patience.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

All our contact details are available below or submit your enquiry.  Alternatively, you can contact us by telephone:


Peterborough Office:

JNCC,  Monkstone House, City Road, Peterborough, PE1 1JY (Headquarters) - MultiMap

+44 (0) 1733 562626 (Peterborough Office)

Aberdeen Office:

JNCC,  Inverdee House, Baxter Street, Aberdeen, AB11 9QA -  Multimap

Tel: 01224 266550


Press enquiries

For press enquiries please contact our press office


Freedom of Information/Environmental Regulations

For FOI/EIR requests please contact our corporate affairs team 

See our FOI/EIR procedure


Oil spill response

For oil pollution incident enquiries please contact the relevant organisation.



For complaints, please contact our Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager Kirsty Meadows

See our complaints procedure


Primary contact points

Senior leadership

Chief Executive

Marcus Yeo

+44 (0)1733-866897

Chief Scientist

Christine Maggs

+44 (0)1733-866887

Director of Finance & Resources

Chris Brooks

+44 (0)1733-866899

Director of Marine Evidence and Advice

John Goold

+44 (0)1224-266592

Director of Ecosystem Evidence and Advice 

Steve Wilkinson

+44 (0)1733-866865



Management Services


Head of Business Development & Marketing

Jason Weeks

+44 (0)1733-866802

Communications & Corporate Affairs Manager

Kirsty Meadows

+44 (0)1733-866839

Digital & Data Solutions (co-lead)

Paul Gilbertson

+44 (0)1733 866879

Digital & Data Solutions (co-lead)

Ulric Wilson

+44 (0)1733-866853

Head of Finance & Planning

Emer O'Connor

+44 (0)1733-866963

Head of Human Resources & Facilities

Joy Corney

+44 (0)1733-866909




Team Leaders



International Implementation (co-lead)

Tony Weighell

+44 (0)1733-866852

International Implementation (co-lead)

Jane Hawkridge

+44 (0)1733-866823

Natural Capital 

Vicky Morgan

+44 (0)1733-866830

Ecosystems Analysis (co-lead)  

Chris Cheffings

+44 (0)1733-866805

Ecosystems Analysis (co-lead)

Lawrence Way

+44 (0)1733-866860

International Advice (co-lead)

Jessa Battersby

+44 (0)1733-866808

International Advice (co-lead)

Vin Fleming

+44 (0)1733-866870

Marine Management (co-lead)

Karen Hall

M: (0)7778 467446

Marine Management (co-lead)

Declan Tobin

M: (0)7870 506200

Marine Monitoring & Evidence (co-lead)

Elly Hill

+44 (0)1733-866837

Marine Monitoring & Evidence (co-lead)

Natalie Askew

+44 (0)1733-866965

Marine Monitoring & Evidence (co-lead)

Karen Webb

+44 (0)1733-866872

Marine Ecosystems (co-lead)

Cristina Vina-Herbon

+44 (0)1733-866912

Marine Ecosystems (co-lead)

Pete Chaniotis

+44 (0)1224-266586

Marine Species (co-lead)

Helen Baker

+44 (0)1224-266583

Marine Species (co-lead)

Declan Tobin

M: (0)7870 506200

Nature Conservation Policy and Advice Team  (co-lead)

Catherine Duigan

+44 (0)1733-866984

Nature Conservation Policy and Advice Team  (co-lead)

Bev Nichols

+44 (0)1733-866942

Country nature conservation body contact points

For enquiries on other types of statutory nature conservation work specific to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, contact the relevant agency

Natural Resources Wales

+44 (0) 300 065 3000


Natural England 

+44 (0) 300 060 39 00


Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

+44 (0) 300 200 78 52/56



+44 (0) 1463 725000




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