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A1. Awareness, understanding and support for conservation

Updated 5 December 2019

Type: Response indicator

This indicator could not be updated in time for the 2019 publication (published 5 September 2019), as there was an inconsistency with the England data which needed investigation. This has now been resolved and the resulting changes have affected the 'not aware' and 'some engagement' categories. An error was discovered in the method used to assign records to one of the five discrete groups; not all of the responses were being accounted for, in particular some of those relating to the 'day-to-day' actions to support and protect biodiversity.

Indicator Description

This indicator addresses awareness of biodiversity and understanding of its value, concern about biodiversity loss, as well as support for performing actions that can help to conserve it. The indicator uses a hierarchical system to group people in the UK according to the extent to which they are aware of the threat to biodiversity in the UK, their level of concern about the loss of biodiversity, and the number and type of actions they take to support and protect it.



  1. Summary


People who are highly engaged say that they are aware of the threat to biodiversity in the UK, they are concerned about the loss of biodiversity and they undertake actions that help to support and protect biodiversity. In 2017, 10% of people surveyed were highly engaged. At the other end of the scale, 37% of people surveyed said they were not aware of a threat to biodiversity in the UK.


Figure A1i. Public engagement with biodiversity loss: awareness, concern and action, 2014 and 2017.



  1. Groups are defined as: 'not aware'; 'not engaged'; 'some engagement'; and 'high engagement', according to responses to survey questions concerning engagement with biodiversity loss, as described in the background section of the fiche.
  2. Data are weighted based on the relative population size of each country.
  3. Surveys are not run annually in every country. Therefore, data for Wales and Northern Ireland have been carried forward from 2014 to provide a UK total for 2017.

Source: Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Northern Ireland; Natural England; Natural Resources Wales; Scottish Natural Heritage.


Assessment of change in the percentage of people highly engaged with the issue of biodiversity loss


Long term

Short term

Latest year

Percentage of people highly engaged

Insufficient data

Insufficient data

Not assessed

Note: There are currently insufficient data points available for this indicator to carry out any assessments. See Assessing Indicators.



Download the fiche, datasheet and technical background document from the JNCC Resource Hub

Last updated: December 2019

Latest data available: 2017



UK Biodiversity Indicators 2019

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