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A1. Awareness, understanding and support for conservation

Type: Response indicator

Indicator Description

This indicator addresses awareness of biodiversity and understanding of its value, concern about biodiversity loss, as well as support for performing actions that can help to conserve it. It uses a hierarchical system to group people in the UK according to the extent to which they are aware of the threat to biodiversity in the UK, their level of concern about the loss of biodiversity and the number and type of actions they take to support and protect it.

This indicator has been temporarily removed whilst an inconsistency is being investigated for the England data. Its discovery close to publication date did not allow for correction at this time but an update will be made later this year. The likely impact is a reduction to the percentage of people “not aware” of biodiversity loss compared to that shown in the previous publication.




Download the Fiche and Datasheet from the JNCC Resource Hub

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UK Biodiversity Indicators 2019

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